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The Historic England Archive

Discover more about England's archaeology, historic buildings and social history using the Historic England Archive. We hold over 12 million photographs, drawings, reports and publications from the 1850s to the present day, covering the whole country. Over a million of our records can be searched online.

You can use our collections to:

  • Find out about your home's history
  • Learn about your local area
  • Research individual buildings and archaeological sites
  • Discover England's changing urban and rural landscape

  • A hand-coloured decorative slide showing an engraving of French aeronauts Jules and Caroline Durouf being rescued  after their balloon landed in the North Sea.

    What’s New in the Archive?

    Find out about collections we've recently taken in and also how you could contribute to the Archive.

  • Archive photograph of a steam train in Newcastle Central Station 1894

    Archive Collections

    Discover the photographs and records held at the Historic England Archive.

  • Colour photograph of Battersea Power Station 2013.

    Archive Services

    Contact us to find out how we can help with your research using the extensive resources of the Historic England Archive.

  • Staff posed in a courtyard with horse-drawn wagons loaded with mattresses and bedding ready for delivery, 1897.

    Archive Exhibitions

    Find out about the Historic England Archive programme of archive and touring exhibitions.

  • Antiquarian books on a shelf in our reference library in Swindon.

    Historic England Library

    Use our library in Swindon for your research.

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