View of a stone built historic building with a sympathetic modern addition
    • Blencowe Hall, Cumbria
      © Historic England image reference DP059826

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Action Plan

Historic England's Action Plan for 2015-2018 sets out how we will put our Corporate Plan into practice. It also forms our contribution to Heritage 2020, the historic environment sector's joint priorities for heritage.

  • The Historic England Action Plan details how we will deliver the objectives of our Corporate Plan and provides an estimate of the resource needed.
  • The Action Plan forms Historic England’s contribution to Heritage 2020, the successor to the National Heritage Protection Plan. Heritage 2020 sets out how heritage organisations will work together to benefit the historic environment. It is coordinated on behalf of the whole sector by the Historic Environment Forum. You can find out more about Heritage 2020 from the Historic Environment Forum web pages.
  • Our draft Action Plan is available below. This is the version we consulted on at the beginning of the year. The final version will be available here in April 2015.
  • We will also be preparing separate summaries of the Action Plan tailored to different audiences and these will also be available from this page in the spring.