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How To Get Historic Buildings or Sites Protected Through Listing

You can apply for a historic building or site to be protected through the listing system by completing our online application form. Please note, you can return to unfinished applications at any time. 

You can apply to protect:

  • Buildings
  • Monuments, including war memorials (currently one of our major priorities)
  • Parks, gardens or battlefields and
  • Maritime wreck sites

If successful, the building or site will then be added to the National Heritage List for England (NHLE).

You can also use the online form to amend or remove existing entries from the NHLE, as well as to apply for Fast-Track Listing and a Listing Enhancement as part of our Enhanced Advisory Services.

Making an application

Just follow these three steps in order to make an application.

Step 1: Make sure that the building or site you are nominating is not already on the List

Search the List

Step 2: Check that the place you are nominating is eligible

We only take forward applications where the building or site:

Step 3: Complete the form

Certificates of Immunity and Building Preservation Notices

Using the above form, you can also apply for:

  • A Certificate of Immunity (COI), which protects a building from being listed for five years or
  • A Building Preservation Notice (BPN), which is a form of temporary protection served by the local planning authority

However, certain restrictions apply to these types of application. See the fact sheets below for more information.

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