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Your Home

If your home is listed, in a conservation area, or simply an older building you can find lots of practical advice here on maintaining, repairing and making changes to it.

  • Front elevation of limewashed house

    Owning an Older Home

    Find out what living in an older or listed building or in a conservation area means for owners.

  • House with date stone

    Your Home's History

    Finding out about the history of a house - who lived in it and when it was built - can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

  • Scaffolding for roof repairs

    Looking After Your Home

    See our advice on looking after an older home, including how to carry out a maintenance check and where to find professional help.

  • Front elevation of houses on a street

    Making Changes

    Find out what permission you will need when making changes to older homes and see our advice on best practice.

  • Detailing on external facing of bay windows in terrace

    Saving Energy

    Find out how to improve the energy efficiency of your home in ways sympathetic to its historic character.

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