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The HELM Website

You can now find all HELM (Historic Environment Local Management) web content on the Historic England website. 

  • The guidance has been rationalised 
  • Historic England and its partners still offer a bespoke free HELM training programme on a range of historic environment topics, aimed at local authority staff and
  • The HELM Newsletter will become the Historic England Newsletter and the first issue will be published in April 2015. Existing subscribers to the HELM Newsletter, will automatically receive the new newsletter.

HELM was a capacity building programme established in 2004 to strengthen English Heritage’s role as a supporter and enabler of local authorities. 

It included a:

  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Guidance
  • Case studies and
  • Training

We believe that the main aims of the project to meet the needs of local authorities and related audiences is still extremely important  to  Historic England, so HELM has been absorbed into the work of the new body – Historic England.